Balance Facial Serum

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Balance Facial Serum

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Designed for oily or acne-prone skin, this serum contains a blend of healing and clarifying oils to provide balance without clogging your pores

Facial serums are an excellent addition to your daily skin care regimen. Our serums penetrate well past the surface of your skin, drawing moisture to plump, smooth, and condition.

Grapeseed is a light and thin oil which contains more linoleic acid than many other carrier oils, making it an excellent anti-inflammatory and ideal to treat troubled skin without over drying.

Castor Oil contains ricinoleic acid which studies have shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory

Rosehip Seed Oil evens skin tone, fantastic for reducing the appearance of hyper-pigmentation as a result of acne scarring

Evening Primrose Oil is often used in some of the most high-end skin care products due to its ability to heal, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties. It contains both vitamins C and E and is full of Omega-6 fatty acids which is crucial for healthy skin

Tea Tree Essential Oil contains properties which are disinfecting and soothing. It dries out both blackheads and whiteheads

Lavender Essential Oil can both calm skin and reduce acne at the same time. It is a gentle oil suitable for all skin types

Lemon Essential Oil works to help balance over active sebaceous glands, helping to clear acne and reduce oil with its natural astringent properties

To Use: After cleansing, massage 3-4 drops into skin. Allow to dry completely prior to applying make-up

Great for use in conjunction with one of our cleansing grains!

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